adoption hoksbergen

Prof. Dr. René Hoksbergen has been involved in the field of (international) adoption of children since 1972. At first as an aspirant-adoptive parent and very soon as a board member of Wereldkinderen ( Worldchildren), an adoptive-parents association, established in 1971.

Becoming more and more involved in the subject, he started his first research project on adoption at the University of Utrecht, where he was lecturing statistical and research methodology.

Many more research projects followed and in 1984 he became world wide the first assigned professor on ‘adoption and non-genetic parenthood’.

This website will introduce you to René Hoksbergen. You will also be able to find more information about the history of adoption in the Netherlands and the Dutch adoption procedures. His most recent research projects will be shown, as well as an overview of the books he published and the scientific publications.

Through this site you can order three different DVD films about adoption related subjects.